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Internet Technology Consulting Services

The only constant is change, and the fastest changes are with technology. Most businesses depend on technology for their success and so they are under pressure to keep pace with technology; this is the process called digital transformation. Our place in this process of change is to help our clients navigate the changes and implement the technologies that will fuel their growth and bring them greater success. Our consulting services are divided into three areas of activity where we can add the greatest value for our clients.



Internet hackers are a plague for individuals and businesses. Ransomware has grown exponentially especially in the healthcare industry as the victims pay very quickly. We help businesses of all types to protect from hacker attacks, especially ransomware. We advise clients how to prevent ransomware attacks and how to recover quickly after a ransomware attack.



We have worked with ISP and WISP customers for many years. We specialize in two areas; network design and management automation. Optical fiber is a more recent addition to our portfolio due to the accelerating demand from ISP’s, especially in the USA where the federal government has released funding to connect every home with fiber.


Business IT

We have been helping business customers with their IT issues for many years, and many seek our help with strategic IT investments. It is very easy for a business to overspend on IT and not get the results that they want. Many of our clients are part of the hospitality industry as they have requirements that other businesses don’t have, in addition to IT for staff they have to build out IT for their guests who want WiFi Internet access.

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