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Our engineering backgrounds were formed in the telecommunications industry a long time ago. With over 50 years of combined technical and business experience we were early pioneers with the development of Internet technologies. In addition to consulting on technology issues, Internet service providers have benefited from our business process automation skills to greatly lower operating costs and improve customer service.


Digital transformation is also important for businesses that seek our help to transition to the next stage of Internet evolution. The pandemic has multiplied the demand for Internet connections and speed due to hybrid working and the shift of business applications into the cloud. Our portfolio of customers includes established and new businesses that are seeking both wireless and optical fiber to the home: FTTH, assistance.

Hackers have created a big demand for our cyber-security services and we consult with businesses seeking to improve their protection against hackers.

We have consulted with businesses around the world including clients in Latin America, the Caribbean, the EU, Africa and Asia, in addition to the USA.

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